Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, March 2012

Me: knitter, traveller, tea drinker, programmer, occasional runner, grad student.

My last big adventure was a 6-month off-and-on backpacking extravaganza with my best friend (our travel blog is at heatherandjess.wordpress.com).  My current challenge is getting my Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction (no, not robots) and after that, who knows?   I don’t like to plan things out to far in advance.

I started this blog to see what writing a regular post every weekday for (hopefully) a year will do for my writing skills, and to document my life in a way that I can revisit in years to come.

When I’m not planning big adventures in travel (budget permitting), you can usually find me tucked up in a corner with a big mug of tea, knitting away on my latest project or deep in a good book.  The knitting especially is going to show up a lot here, its just too pretty to keep to myself.  If you are a knitter yourself, come say hi to me on Ravelry.

I hope you enjoy my scribblings.