Yarn & Paper – A New Shawl, and Pleasures of Crewel

Every Wednesday I share what I’m knitting (Yarn) and reading (Paper) this week. 

I have successfully found and purchased the buttons that were missing from last week‘s adorable booties, but I haven’t gone so far as to sew them on yet. Instead, I cast on something new. This is the very beginnings of Two, a reversible shawl with travelling slipped stitches that twine about each other on both sides of the fabric. The pattern creator, Amanda Schwabe, is a fellow member of the Ottawa Knitting Guild. I saw the shawl at a Guild meeting recently and knew it was the perfect pattern for this yarn. I bought these  two skeins of Lichen and Lace in Halifax last fall while on a road trip through the Maritimes. I had hoped to knit a Catkin shawl, but I must have written down the wrong yardage because the two skeins fall just a bit short of the requirements for that pattern. Luckily, Amanda’s Two is a bit more flexible in the yardage department. I’ve only knit a tiny corner but so far it’s looking great!

My Tamora Pierce binge-read continues unabated, but I decided I needed to break it up with a little non-fiction. Pleasures of Crewel is one of my grandmother’s crafting books that I kept after she passed away. That was nearly a decade ago now and I still haven’t cracked most of them. As part of my KonMari decluttering I resolved to actually read each one and then decide whether to keep them. Despite being published in 1972, I’ve discovered that many of the patterns in this books are quite timeless. The stitch instructions are easy to follow, and the first part of the book is full of good advice for a novel stitcher. Crewel work, for the uninitiated, is embroidery done with wool thread. I haven’t done any crewel work yet, but it is definitely on my list of crafts to try (right next to rug hooking!). I think I’m going to keep this book for the day when I need a new craft to try.

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