Yarn & Paper – The Booties Get Button Loops, and the Binge Continues

Every Wednesday I share what I’m knitting (Yarn) and reading (Paper) this week. 

My Tamora Pierce binge continues; I’m 12 novels in with no sign of stopping. I’m currently on The Emperor Mage, the third book in The Immortals quartet. I’m not sure what sparked this overwhelming desire to read comforting fiction. We’ve finally had some hot weather here in Ottawa, so maybe it’s just that it feels like summer, and summer reading should be light and fun. Or it could be that I’m feeling a bit lonely lately, after coming home from family cottage time in the first half of July. Regardless, the only downside of this binge is that I’ve been indulging in some late-night reading sessions, so I’m not really getting enough sleep. Otherwise it is just a bit of mid-summer fun, and I’m enjoying it 🙂

I have finally finished the button loops on the Saartje’s Bootees, blasting through the last few not long after this photo was taken. They were quite finicky, especially since the buttons are different sizes and my yarn tails were a bit too short on the pink booties. I bought the buttons a couple of weeks ago, but only when I was taking this photo did I realize that I bought only one button per bootie. They very clearly require two buttons each. That’s what I get for buying buttons 15 minutes before the store closed. Hopefully they still have them in stock on the weekend. Although, now that I think about it, mismatched buttons might actually be even cuter….

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