Yarn & Paper – The Shakespeare Encyclopedia, and Significant Vest Progress

Every Wednesday I share what I’m knitting (Yarn) and reading (Paper) this week. 

I finished the Tutankhamun book! According to Goodreads it took me 10 weeks to get through the whole thing. It was actually very well suited to short bursts of reading over breakfast, but it went on for long enough that I was glad to be finished with it by the end. Following my plan to tackle my to-read shelf in order of book size, I’ve pulled out the next-largest book, The Shakespeare Encyclopedia. I haven’t actually started it yet, since I’ve been trying to get to work earlier and so have been eating breakfast on the go. Hopefully I’ll be back to my regular morning routine in a few days so I can start making my way through this tome. I have a feeling this one might take even longer than the Tutankhamun book as there is more writing and fewer large photos.

My Splitstone vest is coming along nicely, I just finished the waist section and started the increases for the bust. I should probably try it on again at some point just to make sure the sizing is working out. Unfortunately both my knitting WIPs (this project and my sock from last week) need a few minutes of careful thought to make sure I’m knitting the pattern correctly. The sock needs a heel turn in the right place, and I need to make sure the bust increases on this vest are going to work out for the gauge I’m getting. So I have no “pick up and go” knitting right now. This is not ideal, since I could really use some easy knitting at the moment. My “no new things” policy in April helped, but I had already taken on too many things before the month even began. I have a two major writing/editing projects (side gigs, not my actual job) to finish by next Wednesday and they are both far from completion. So, the knitting projects may have to wait until for a week or two. Alternatively, I’ll just knit away on them to keep my sanity and live with the possibility that I’ll have to rip it all back when I have time to do the math properly.


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