Yarn & Paper – Writing Knitting Patterns, and Self-Patterning Socks

Every Wednesday I share what I’m knitting (Yarn) and reading (Paper) this week. 

The workshop this past weekend with Kate Atherley was fantastic. She kept the class entertaining with her very British, very dry humour, and she is clearly an expert on all things related to sock knitting. I learned a new heel that I’d never tried before, plus a few tricks including how to prevent holes from forming when picking up for the gusset. The afternoon was all about sizing socks to perfectly fit your feet; I now have plans to measure my own feet, possibly with some help. Ultimately I’d like to knit up perfectly-fitting socks with the gorgeous Riverside Studio yarn from last week’s post. I spent most of the workshop knitting, what else, a sock. Inspired by some of Kate’s comments I decided to do a plain heel flap rather than my usual reinforced Eye of Partridge. The Eye of Partridge would have obscured the self-patterning yarn, and I’m curious to see how the heel holds up without the reinforcement.

The workshop also inspired me to check out Kate’s latest book, The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns, from the library. Besides being a knitting teacher and speaker, Kate is also a tech editor for Knitty.com. That job involves editing knitting patterns for clarity and accuracy, checking all the math, and making sure that the pattern actually produces the item it claims to produce. I’ve been interested in tech editing ever since I found out the job existed, since I enjoy editing, I’m not afraid of math, and of course I like knitting. I’m hoping that reading Kate’s book will give me more insight into this kind of work and whether it would be something I’d like to pursue as a side-gig.

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2 Responses to Yarn & Paper – Writing Knitting Patterns, and Self-Patterning Socks

  1. Marjorie Speir says:

    Excellent! Your mother’s gonna love those socks!

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