Yarn & Paper – Finishing Brideshead Revisited, and Workshop Homework

Every Wednesday I share what I’m knitting (Yarn) and reading (Paper) this week. 

I finished Brideshead Revisited! Apparently it’s kind of a classic? Like most classics, I found it a mostly depressing read. There were happy moments, but it was a melancholy book overall. Not my favourite, despite being set in one of my favourite time periods. Since finishing it I have no fiction books on the go, and unfortunately I’m getting a bit bored with my in-progress non-fiction books. I’m very tempted to pull one of my favourite novels off my bookshelf, but that would violate my “no new things” rule for April. Finishing off the non-fiction would make me feel better, I suppose. I’m really trying to reduce the number of things that I have in-progress, books included. I’ll hold out until the end of April, at least.

This weekend Kate Atherley is coming to Ottawa to teach a series of workshops hosted by the Ottawa Knitting Guild. I signed up for the Saturday classes on how to knit custom-fit socks. One class has a rather large swatch as optional homework, which I’m knitting in some beautiful Riverside Studio yarn I bought on my first visit to Montreal. The colour is appropriate since we are finally seeing our first signs of green returning to Ottawa. The first green grass of the year always makes me so happy after the unrelenting brown and grey of the last few months. I can’t wait for the tulips (and spring) to finally arrive!

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