Yarn & Paper – Taproot Weave and Hexipuffs

Yarn & Paper is my replacement for the discontinued “Yarn Along” posts. I’ll still be sharing what I’m reading and knitting every Wednesday, just with a slightly different title. Enjoy!

This past Sunday found me once again at the Scone Witch on Elgin street, this time with a bigger pot of tea and a new issue of Taproot! I think Weave might be my favourite issue so far. I love the piece on Peruvian and Australian Aboriginal dyers and weavers, and I’m planning to try out the braided Challah bread recipe as soon as possible. This is pretty much the only magazine I read these days so I made a point of savouring it over cup after cup of hot tea. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I blocked my vanilla socks this week and immediately wore them to work the next day. The last of the leftover ball was knit up into hexipuffs just after the photo above was taken, which means another skein of yarn out of my stash and another old project finished. I seem to have finally hit on the trick to getting myself to finish old crafting projects. I have a regular sew date with a quilting friend and this time I brought all my hand-mending with me. I got through 4 or 5 different mending projects, and wove in a few ends on some knitting projects too. I didn’t bring anything else to work on, and the social aspect kept me distracted through the boring stuff. It worked so well I’m thinking of trying the same idea with a few other friends too, if only so I can get through my huge backlog of craft projects! Well, that plus the social time with friends, of course 😉

As a little bonus, here is a shot of the finished vanilla socks:

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