The Last Yarn Along – Tutankhamen (again) and Hexipuffs (again)

My third-ever post on this blog was a Yarn Along post. Over the years since then I have joined in Ginny’s Yarn Along link-up (almost) ever week. This simple routine has kept me blogging when I didn’t have the time or brain space for anything more complicated. Today Ginny posted that, after more than six years of weekly posts, she is retiring the Yarn Along link-up. I’m sorry to see it go, not least because it has been such a powerful force in my own blogging schedule! But things change, and we change with them. I’m going to try to keep up this weekly routine of posting about what I’m currently knitting and reading. I really do like the routine. These posts won’t be called “Yarn Along” anymore, but I don’t think I want to change them in any fundamental way.

Both the knitting and the reading this week are repeats from previous Yarn Along posts. I’m still reading the huge Tutankhamun look-book in the morning over breakfast. The photos are stunning and the information on each piece from the tomb is interesting enough to keep me engaged, and short enough to keep things moving. I’m past the halfway point now and I’m still enjoying it. I’ve been thinking I need to pick up some new fiction to balance out all this heavy non-fiction, though.

I finally finished the toe of my second vanilla sock, so now I’m knitting hexipuffs to use up the leftovers. I have several goals for the year related to using up my yarn stash and I’m excited to be able to count yet another skein as “all used up”. These socks have been in-progress for over a year, so it was very satisfying to finally finish them up.



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