Monthly Goals – December

How are we already nearly halfway through December? Something about this time of year makes the days fly by. Or maybe it’s having a full time job that does that…. Regardless, I promised an updated on my mini-goal progress for November and it is past time that I delivered!


To recap this post, I’m trying to make my goals as small and concrete as possible to reduce my stress levels and to make it easier to actually meet the goals. Last month I came up with 6 “mini-goals” to complete by the end of November:

  1. Finish reading the Encyclopedia of World Mythology
  2. Finish the Preserve issue of Taproot Magazine.
  3. Put no more books on hold at the library
  4. Declutter my “Tools and Cleaning Supplies” category
  5. Finish my Vivid blanket
  6. Knit up the leftovers from Vivid into hexipuffs

Drum roll please….I completed 4/6 mini-goals in November! Let’s break it down by goal:

1. Finish reading the Encyclopedia of World Mythology

This was an ambitious goal to start with since this book is HUGE. I’m happy with the progress I made in November even though this one is technically a fail.

2. Finish the Preserve issue of Taproot Magazine.

I never even picked it up. I was just more interested in the books I had from the library. A definite fail. On the plus side, this failure motivated me to jump on this goal as soon as I could in December.

3. Put no more books on hold at the library.

Success! Every book I was interested went into my “For Later” list instead….except an audiobook I really wanted to listen to. That doesn’t count, right? I’ve already listened to the whole thing 🙂

4. Declutter my “Tools and Cleaning Supplies” category.

Success! Towards the end of November I spent most of a Saturday decluttering these categories with minimal fuss. This will likely be my last decluttering day of 2016 and I’m pleased that it went so smoothly.

5. Finish my Vivid blanket, and 6. Knit up the leftovers from Vivid into hexipuffs

Success! Vivid is finally finished (FO post coming soon!) and all the leftovers are knit up into hexipuffs. It was very satisfying to move all of those stash lots to “all used up” on Ravelry, and it made me want to use up more of my oldest stash as soon as possible.


December is always a busy month. I’ll be spending the last week of the year living out of a suitcase at my parent’s home near Toronto, so there will be many limitations on what I can get done this month. I’m trying to stay relaxed and keep things simple around the holidays, but I also don’t want to lose momentum on these mini-goals.

With that in mind,  here are my mini-goals for December:

  1. Finish reading the Encyclopedia of World Mythology. I’ll have to finish it before Christmas, since it’s too big to drag to my parent’s house
  2. Finish the Wander issue of Taproot Magazine. I’ve already started this.
  3. Put no more books on hold at the library. Audiobooks are OK since listening to them doesn’t interfere with my reading time.
  4. Declutter my “Pets” category. This is a stretch goal. I’d like to get it done since I’m starting to think about getting a new cat in 2017, but I don’t think I’ll have time for it.
  5. Finish the charity baby cardigan that just needs buttons and blocking. This is currently my oldest knitting project and I don’t want to take it into 2017!
  6. Decide what to do with my Scotland Memories Shawl, which should use up a few old stash entries. I don’t like how it’s knitting up, so it needs a re-think.

These mini-goals are really forcing me to be realistic about what I can accomplish in a month. It’s frustrating sometimes, because I want to race ahead and get everything done right now. The mini-goals are so much more effective since I actually get done most of what I planned at the beginning of the month. I have come to realize that many of my stresses are due to self-imposed, unrealistic expectations. Finding a way to manage these expectations without slipping into apathy is a real challenge for me, one that has a big impact on my emotional well-being. I think these mini-goals are a move in the right direction.

I’ll check in again in January to let you know how December’s goals went.

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