Yarn Along – Seaside Mystery and Blocked Vivid Squares

Every Wednesday I participate in “Yarn Along”, a link-up run by Ginny over at Small Things where we share what we are knitting and reading this week. You can click the Yarn Along image at the end of this post to see the whole link-up. You can also find Yarn Along photos on Instagram (#yarnalong) and Flickr.


Now that I’ve finished the Daisy Dalrymple mystery series I’ve been filling the fiction void with the Seaside Knitters Mysteries by Sally Goldenbaum. These mysteries are less all-consuming than Carola Dunn’s books, but still entertaining. The Seaside Knitters are a group of four women living in a seaside Massachusetts town who in each book encounter a a murder case that only they can solve. The series is worth a try if only for Goldenbaum’s vivid descriptions of the scenery, food and knitting that the knitters and their friends regularly enjoy. The mysteries are usually complex enough to keep my interest. This book, A Holiday Yarn, was the first so far in which I managed guess the murderer before the end. I’m thoroughly enjoying the series and plan to make my way through the all the books in my library’s collection.

The same spirit of reviving languishing projects that led me to dig out my Stained Glass quilt last week inspired me this week to unearth my Vivid blanket. This project has been documented across many, many Yarn Along posts. There were the early days back in summer 2015 (Yarn Along 82, 83, 86, 8789 and 91), culminating in one of my favourite Yarn Along photos with all of the leftover Shetland yarn squares together (Yarn Along 92). At that point I thought I was out of yarn, so I put the project away for a year or so. This summer, while re-evaluating some of my oldest stash, I realized that I had two more yarns that could be added to this blanket. I knitted up the onion-skin-dyed yarn, and then started on a final large skein of natural North Ronaldsey wool (shown in these two Yarn Alongs). I’ve now begun blocking all the finished squares so that I can try some layouts for the final blanket. The photo above shows the squares that are currently blocked, there are about 15 more that need blocking still. Then there are just a few more squares to knit (and block), and I can finally get started on seaming! I’m really pleased to be nearing completion on this multi-year project.

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