2016 Jan-Apr Goals Update

When I came back to this blog at the end of February I wrote a post about my goals for 2016. Now that we are through the first four months of 2016 I thought it would be a good time and check in on how my various goals are going.

I made it clear in my original post that I was going to focus on building habits and stop obsessing over metrics. Well, apparently I can’t help myself because I promptly forgot all about that declaration and made a spreadsheet chock full of metrics. You can’t deny the number nerd her spreadsheet! A good mix of habits and measurable goals can’t hurt, right?

To recap, my goals for 2016 are:

  1. Eat healthier
  2. Declutter
  3. Exercise
  4. Reduce volunteer commitments
  5. Reduce the number of projects I have in progress
  6. Travel

Eat Healthier

The green smoothie I was downing every day in January has mostly disappeared. I’m probably down to one every week or so now. I do like having it to fall back on whenever I’ve had a particularly vegetable-free day. One habit I have kept up is my weekly meal plan. I can’t overstate how much planning my meals has helped me eat healthier, branch out beyond easy convenience foods, and reduce my food waste. I’m even managing to eat up the bits and pieces at the back of my freezer. I’m definitely sticking with this habit as long as I possibly can.


I’m still following the KonMari decluttering method. So far in 2016 I’ve tackled Paper, Food/Kitchen (which took about a month!), Office and Bathroom. Posts on those last two categories are coming soon, I promise. I had hoped to finish the decluttering by the middle of the year, but that was overly ambitious. At this rate (about 1 “sub-category” a month) I should be finished the Komono (miscellany) by the end of the year, leaving the sentimental items for 2017. It still takes a considerable effort to get myself to spend a day decluttering but the results are definitely worth it. Unfortunately in the meantime I’ve created a few spots of chaos with boxes of stuff waiting until I tackle their particular category. The chaos is aggravating but I’m determined to stick with it until I’m done.


I tried the daily yoga habit for awhile, and the relaxation right before bed was really lovely. Eventually it got to be too difficult to convince myself to start the yoga early enough that I could get to sleep at a reasonable time, and I stopped doing it. My walks at lunch have continued, though, and it is starting to get warm enough to eat outside. I have big plans to start running again this week, although I’m somewhat afraid to face how quickly I’ve lost any muscle tone I ever had. I’ve also kept up a regular morning routine of knee push-ups without fail for a couple of months now.

Reduce Volunteer Commitments

No real progress on this front, and there won’t be until mid-June at least. I’m really hoping that finishing up my term with the quilting guild will ease some of the pressure on my schedule. There really isn’t anything to do now but wait out the year and resist the lure of other activities (volunteer or otherwise) until I have time to spare again.

Reduce My WIPs

Numbers time! So far this year I’ve managed to reduce my number of “craft” projects in progress from 21 to 15, and I’ve reduced the number of “other” projects (mostly computer-based) from 18 to 16. I need to finish up a few more of the “other” projects to get back on track for my end of year goals. One project I finished recently was my beaded wristers:

2016-04-13 11.14.22Aren’t they great? I wear them all the time.

Also on the theme of reducing, I’m aiming to decrease my yarn stash by 1200 yards and read about 35 books from my to-read pile by the end of the year. I’ve almost hit my yarn goal (1,043 yards in), and I’ve read 10 books from the pile so far. Overall, I’m reasonably happy with the progress I’m making on these various simplifying efforts. In this case the metrics are helping me stay motivated and keep track of how I’m doing month-by-month.


Planning for the East Coast road trip is going slowly, and I’m starting to feel the pressure to get working on it. I have settled my summer plans though, with a weekend trip to Toronto to see the Blue Jays and a family “cottage” long weekend in August. That plus a few visits back and forth with my parents and many trips to Montreal to see my boyfriend are all the travel I can manage this year. I’m squirreling away as much money as I can for future trips, but its going slowly. And there are so many places to visit! For now I’ll just keep daydreaming.

The First Third of the Year

As I’ve mentioned before, this winter was a tough one for me. Spring has brought some relief, and a settling in to a regular rhythm. I’ve had some success introducing good habits, and I have plans to build on that. Other things haven’t improved, like my inability to get to bed at a good time. I’m trying to keep my goals reasonable and trackable, and I’m trying to appreciate every little bit of progress I manage to make towards them. Mostly I’m trying to focus on the big picture and not get weighed down by the stress of the moment. So far I think I’m doing OK.

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