Yarn Along

Every Wednesday I participate in “Yarn Along”, a link-up run by Ginny over at Small Things where we share what we are knitting and reading this week. Head over to the Small Things blog to see what other bloggers are sharing!

2015-10-14 10.02.52

This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving (thus the lack of a post on Monday), which I spent ziplining in Gatineau Park with my family. We are planning to stuff ourselves with turkey next weekend instead. Their visit meant that I cleared away all of the craft projects that had covered my dining table for months. I’m enjoying the tidiness, so I may not bring it all out just yet. Instead, I’ve been working away on my Beekeeper’s Quilt, my current work-in-progress from the pile of languishing projects. All of the hexipuffs from that I had been collecting for 3 years (!) have been seamed, and I’m working my way through the tiny fingering and lace scraps that were put aside for this project. Once that is done I have a few worsted-weight hexipuffs to knit before I do another round of blocking and seaming. After that, I may dig through my stash to find more leftovers, or I may put this project away until leftovers are generated by other projects. I haven’t decided yet.

My current library-book-in-progress is What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew: From Fox Hunting to Whist – the Facts of Daily Life in 19th Century England, by Daniel Pool. The first half of this book is short essays on different aspects of 19th century English life, which have been very interesting to read as they put several aspects of the Jane Austen novels that I love into context. The second half of the book is a simple glossary of terms from the same period. I’m only planning on reading the first half of the book since I think reading a glossary all the way through would become tedious.

After going through all of my books the other week I have filled nearly two shelves with books I want to read, either for the first time or as a re-read to make the final decision on whether to keep them or not. Including library books (of which I have recently had a massive influx due to poor management of my hold suspensions) I have a grand total of 60 books to read in my home. This could take awhile…


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2 Responses to Yarn Along

  1. Becki says:

    Your hexipuffs look terrific. I can almost imagine how warm and cozy that blanket is going to be when it’s finished. Someday. :^)

  2. Lucy Bowen says:

    Wow, a lovely lot of hexipuffs! I started mine about two years ago and only have about 7 puffs!

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