Time for a Break

Sunset over Ottawa on my flight home last night.

Sunset over Ottawa on my flight home last night.

I keep saying that next week I’ll have more time. More time to declutter, to blog, to rest. And then next week comes and I still don’t have time. Maybe I’m just not very good at being realistic about the future. But every time I say “next week will be easier” I truly do believe it. So when I say that next week I’ll be back to regular blogging, I really mean it. Even though I’ve said it before, this time it must be true.

Realistically, though, this time it probably is true. I’ve finished all my Masters work. My Bermuda vacation (so wonderful, and such a great break from all things technological) has come and gone. I have one more crazy deadline to meet on Friday and after that my only job…will be applying for jobs. Which should mean I have lots of time to blog, and to catch up. Hopefully.

I will post my regular Yarn Along on Wednesday, and maybe a short update on Friday. Regular blogging will resume next week. And after that….let’s just say all that slow living stuff is looking more and more appealing. I can’t keep up this pace, and I don’t want to. It is time for a change.

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