Finished and Not Finished

As you might have guessed by my lack of posts last week, my life has been a little intense lately. Part of that is the time it to me to “recover” from my thesis defense (which went well, but was still draining) followed immediately by a long weekend, but mostly it was just because of having a lot of deadlines all at once. I’m mostly through the intensity now, and tomorrow I’m flying to Bermuda to visit my aunt for a much-needed actual vacation. I’m still intending to blog on my normal schedule, but they may just be photos to make you all jealous rather than written posts 🙂

Most of my week has been spent trying to get projects done on time and before I take off for sunny beaches and fruity drinks. Some of these were successfully completed, and some…not so much.

Finished – my Master’s thesis! That’s right, I finished all the revisions, got them reviewed by my supervisor and my trusty editor (aka my mother) and submitted the final final final version to the online thesis system. Once a couple of people click the “approve” button I will be officially done with grad school.

Not Finished – the paper I’m writing up based on my thesis work to submit to a conference. This is due on September 25th…and I haven’t even started it yet. This is one thing that I may have to actually deal with while on vacation, sadly.

Finished – the Ottawa Knitting Guild newsletter, sent out last Friday. It took me most of that day to get it done to my satisfaction. I may have a problem with perfection.

Not Finished – I was going to revamp the Show & Tell form for the next OKG meeting, which is the day after I get back. It isn’t super-urgent, but also shouldn’t take more than an hour. Plus it will make writing up the next newsletter easier….

Finished – some new literature for the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild, which I wanted to get ready for their September meeting. Tonight. I did a lot of work on this earlier in the summer and I’m very glad I did since it took me almost no time to finish it up and send it off to the printers.

Not Finished – I was supposed to start applying for jobs this month but I haven’t even touched my resume. I really should get on that.

Finished – I put a zipper into my duvet cover! It has been on my mending pile for ages and I got it done just before it got cold enough at night to actually use it. I also tackled some more of the mending pile, which was very satisfying.

2015-09-12 12.01.12

Finished – packing/prepping for the trip. I’m a little worried about making the early morning flight, but other than that I am good to go.

Finished – all the prep for the OVQG meeting tonight. I’m ready to go!

I guess I managed to fit a lot into one week after all. I like writing lists like this after the fact, it helps me to focus on things I actually got done, rather than obsessing over the things I didn’t get to.

So many things have happened that I haven’t been able to blog about! I visited Gatineau Park for the first time and toured the Mackenzie King Estate, which I loved. Then I went to the Almonte Fibrefest yesterday, which was great fun. I’m sure my life will quieten down dramatically by the end of the month (I keep saying that, don’t I?), unless some job prospect suddenly pops up unbidden, so hopefully I’ll be able to catch up then.

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