Too Hot to Blog

We are experiencing a late summer heat wave here in Ontario, with temperatures above 30C and humidex approaching 40C. It was just too hot to blog yesterday!

Today is also too hot, but I have abandoned poor Knightley in the sweltering oven that is my apartment and retreated to the cool air conditioning of my campus office. You would think that would mean I am getting work done, but you would be wrong. I’m having a hard time focusing on prepping for the defense. I think I used up all my determination on the written thesis.

Instead of working, I am going to share how Knightley and I stay cool without air conditioning in this sticky, hot summer.

For Knightley, I put a freezer pack under a towel so that he can cuddle up against it. I have two freezer packs so one is always out and one is getting re-frozen. He knows the routine enough now that when I pull out the freezer pack he comes running.

2015-08-18 10.44.29

Today the freezer pack wasn’t quite enough against the heat of the day, so I soaked a smaller towel in water and put it on top of the larger towel. I’ve used a damp towel before and it is the most effective method for perking Knightley up on hot days. The freezer pack is just easier when the heat isn’t too bad.2015-08-18 11.24.48


Of course I also leave out lots of water bowls and put some ice cubes in a bowl for him to lick as well.

There is also the rice cooling pack I sewed recently but he doesn’t seem to like that as much. I tucked it right up against him for this photo. He didn’t seem to mind but he soon abandoned it for the damp towel/freezer pack combination.

2015-08-18 10.28.13For me, I spend most of my time in the apartment these days in the boxer shorts I sewed recently and a sports bra, sitting in front of a tower fan. I love drinking tea but this time of year it is just not worth the extra heat, so I make loose leaf iced tea instead. I also soaked orange and lemon slices in jars of water that I keep in the fridge. That gives the water some extra flavour without adding any sugar.

2015-08-16 16.54.31To make the loose-leaf iced tea I steep double the amount of tea leaves I normally use in a big pot of hot water. Once it is steeped I add a big of sugar, then pour the hot tea into jars filled with ice and pop them in the fridge. I need to do a bit of experimenting to get the right amount of sugar. Of course it dissolves better in the hot water, but it is hard to tell if you’ve added the right amount until the tea is cold.

I had ambitions of building an ice/fan DIY air conditioner at one point but it wasn’t worth the effort. I really would only need it 2-3 weeks out of the summer. I just put off any workouts or vacuuming until the heat wave breaks, and sleep with a fan at night. That seems to be enough to be bearable, although I might feel differently if I had to spend the whole day at home like Knightley does!



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