Making Space – Clothing Update

I’ve had less time lately to devote to my major decluttering purge using the KonMari method (for the first three parts of this adventure, check out these posts). The project has also lost some of it’s novelty, and had entered the “grind” stage where I want to finish but I’m not nearly as excited about it anymore. That’s not to say that I am giving up, though, because I am thrilled with the results so far. I’ve reduced my clothing and accessories by between 1/4 and 1/3, and gotten rid of pieces that have resisted decluttering for years even though I don’t like or wear them. My latest session this week got me through the “specialty” clothing like ski wear and pyjamas, so I’m mostly done the Clothing category. I still have to go through my Shoes and tackle the “maybe” pile leftover from earlier sessions, but I’m planning on addressing those in smaller, mini-sessions over the next few weeks.

Now, let me take you on a tour of all the clothing and accessories storage in my apartment. I want to show off how well everything fits after all the decluttering!

First, the dresser. Before decluttering the dresser was completely full, and the top drawer was a sort of black hole that things went into and almost never came out of. Now, it looks like this (bottom to top):

2015-08-13 11.58.21 2015-08-13 11.58.47 2015-08-13 11.59.21 2015-08-13 11.59.42Everything is visible and easily accessible. The top drawer has so much more space now, and the “summer” drawer (second from the bottom) contains several shirts that used to hang in the closet. The drawers all look full but could fit a lot more if I squished the pieces more, they tend to expand to fill the space available.

The closet used to be full from end to end, and now I have enough to fill maybe half of it. Part of this is from getting rid of stuff and part is from moving some of the hanging things into the dresser. The closet has sliding doors which made taking photos somewhat difficult. The first two images show the middle and far right sections, and the image below shows the far left section:

2015-08-13 12.00.55 2015-08-13 12.01.19

2015-08-13 12.01.51

Check out all those extra hangers! I’ll probably get rid of the plastic ones and keep the wooden ones for now. I have a feeling I’ll have to do a bit of adding to my wardrobe once I get a job, so I don’t want to purge all the hangers and have to buy them again in a few months.

The photo of the middle section of the closet shows some 3M hooks I have that hold my bags/purses. I need to shift those over to be more accessible when the middle closet door is open. I also have three hooks behind my bedroom door that hold a couple more purses and my two hoodies (I forgot to photograph those). There are also two bags on the top shelf of the closet.

Then there are my in-season (or soon to be in-season) jackets, scarves and hats in the front hall closet:

2015-08-13 12.02.44 2015-08-13 12.02.27










And very off-season hats/scarves and ski stuff in a couple under-bed boxes:

2015-08-13 12.03.25 2015-08-13 12.04.07







And that is all my clothing post-KonMari purge! It certainly isn’t a minimalist wardrobe, but it is much lighter than it used to be. Considering I’m a prolific knitter living in a wildly 4-season climate, I think I did a pretty good job of paring down to the stuff I really love.

Of course, I still have to tackle the shoes. Luckily I’ve never been a real shoe person, and I’ve already identified a couple of pairs that need to go. My goal is to get through the shoes and small “maybe” pile by the end of August, around the same time that I’ll be defending my thesis. I’ll move on to Books and Papers after I’ve finished up the final submission for my Masters.

I’d like to say the decluttering thing is getting easier, but it isn’t really. It is getting easier to know what the right decision for each piece is, but actually following through seems to be just as emotionally taxing as it was in the beginning. I really do invest a lot of my identity in my possessions. Still, the harder it is to get rid of things the more it reinforces how important it is to do it now, while I have the time and energy. Trying to do this all at once during a life upheaval like a move would be just impossible for me. So, I’m going to persevere and try to bring this new lightness to every corner of this apartment. It will be totally worth it.

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