August Goals

Ornamental Gardens at the Experimental Farm, last weekend.

Ornamental Gardens at the Experimental Farm, last weekend.

Happy 1st of August! This weekend is a holiday weekend in Ontario and I, like so many others, am about to head off to a cottage to enjoy this beautiful summer weather to the fullest. Before I head out, I wanted to post about my monthly goals since I may not get a chance on Monday (that being the holiday).

In July my theme was to stay focused on my thesis and get it done. I didn’t quite keep up the pace and focus I had in June, but I stuck with it and I’m happy to report that the thing is about 90% done at this point. It is probably 6-7 pages of writing from the finish point. Of course I still have to edit the whole thing, and I’ve recruited friends and family to help with that. This giant, 130+ document is due on August 10th, so I have a basically a week left to go. Wish me luck!

Related to this theme I also had a goal of a daily, 5 minute meditation. My success here was a little more mixed. I was only able to manage the meditation once every 3-4 days. When I did the meditation, I enjoyed it and felt calmer afterwards, but I often would put it off until the end of the day when I was too tired. I tried to tie it to my lunch routine of eating outside, which worked, but then I didn’t keep up with that routine very well. I’m going to keep the meditation on my daily to-do list, though, and see if I can get on a more regular schedule over time.

My theme for August is a repeat from early this year: get better sleep. My sleep schedule has been all over the place again lately and it needs to stop. I get way more work done and feel much better about myself when I get to bed before midnight and wake up around 8am than if I stay up until 2am and force myself awake at 9 or 10am. Plus, in a month or two (hopefully) I’ll have a job that requires me to get up a lot earlier in the morning than I have been used to for the last year, so I might as well start adjusting now. My goal will be to get to bed before midnight every weeknight (Sun-Thurs). If I can manage even an 80% success rate it will be a big improvement.

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