Things Finished

About a week and a half ago I posted photos of my in-progress mending and crafting projects, which I had piled up on my kitchen table. This is what it looks like now:

2015-07-20 12.39.34 2015-07-20 12.39.42As it turns out, posting all these projects on the blog really did motivate me to finish some of them. The only project left on the table top is the water bottle carrier I just started, which wasn’t even on the table the last time I posted! In the last week and half, I’ve finished several projects.

I finally blocked my gradient shawl:

2015-07-13 19.55.30

And made Knightly wear it 🙂2015-07-13 19.56.52


Then, I sewed up the cotton boxers to wear around the house during extreme heat days. This was actually a really easy pattern to follow, although I think I need a shorter crotch seam and wider legs to make them fit better. I used fabric I don’t really like as it was all I had available, more as a way to test out the pattern than anything else. If I get the urge to make better-fitting shorts I’ll buy some prettier fabric to use.

2015-07-20 12.43.50I also finished the neck pillow filled with rice, which was another quick, easy pattern. My end goal for this is to test out how well the rice holds on to the cold, with the idea of making a larger one for Knightley. However, he seems just fine with a freezer pack under a towel, so I may just keep this one for me and leave the larger cooling pad for next summer instead. It’s always hard to tell how many extremely hot days we are going to get in a summer, so I’m not sure it’s worth spending the time on it when he may not be able to use it by the time I’m finished.

2015-07-20 12.41.34


I also cleaned off the lamp so it is now donate-able, and tidied up all the extra stuff on my table that didn’t need to be out at all.

That leaves me with the purely mending projects:

  • Putting a zipper into my duvet cover
  • About 4-5 shirts that need mending (I may give up on one of them)
  • 2 t-shirts that don’t fit that I want to turn into bags

Plus the sewing projects:

  • Applique pillow cover
  • Water bottle carrier

There are also several knitting projects that need finishing; I should probably throw those on the table too! Plus I’m sure I’ll find a few more mending projects by the time I get through the rest of my clothing purge. Still, this is great progress! You never know, by the end of the summer I could get all the way through my mending and have just fun crafting stuff on my to-do list. That’s the dream, anyway.



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