The Mending/Crafting Pile has Returned

One of the side effects of the Great Clothing Purge from a couple of weeks ago is that I re-discovered a giant pile of mending that I had stuffed away in the back of the closet. I pulled it out, went through it all to make sure I wanted to keep the items after they were mended, and then piled everything onto my kitchen table. I also have 3-4 summer-related sewing projects (from last summer) that I really want to make progress on, so one day last week I pulled out my fabric stash and made sure I had enough for each project. That fabric of course went onto my kitchen table. Yesterday I did all the measuring and cutting to start two of those projects, and then put the results on, you guessed it, the kitchen table.

As an aside, I’m really enjoying this “batching” of projects, where I do all of one kind of task on multiple small projects. That way I make progress without having to do a lot of context-switching, and it all feels more efficient.

Back to the main topic: The Pile. This is what it looks like now:

2015-07-10 15.43.33

The only reason the whole surface isn’t covered in stuff is because I had to clear some off to have space for lunch. There are several other projects on here besides those I already mentioned, plus some stuff that just needs to be put away. I did not do any tidying before I took this photo.

In that photo you can see:

  • The duvet cover I want to put a zipper into
  • All the materials for the applique pillow from this workshop, which I haven’t touched since the workshop
  • My gradient shawl, which needs blocking
  • The pattern and pieces I cut out to make some boxers for hanging around the house
  • More fabric I pressed and squared up to make a cooling neck pillow filled with rice for the days when the fan just isn’t enough
  • About 5 shirts that need mending (the plaid green one is my boyfriend’s shirt, the rest are mine)
  • 2 t-shirts that don’t fit that I want to turn into bags

And there’s more hidden on the bench! The lamp needs to be cleaned off, it was a gift from a friend over a decade ago and while I love it the paint is now flaking off and onto everything. Also that canvas bag hiding at the back holds more mending, I’m not even sure what’s in there…

2015-07-10 15.43.39I’ve posted about my mending pile before. Surprisingly, there are only a few things from that list back in November that are still on the table. I constantly feel like I never actually accomplish any of the mending, and its nice to have this blog as a reminder of how much I do get done!  To be fair, a lot of this pile is new sewing projects, not mending.

Having all this stuff out on the table does bother me, because I like to keep things tidy. However, this is my only big workspace in the apartment, and it is on the opposite side from all of the storage. I know very well that if I tidy all this stuff away, it will never get done. I’m hoping that having it all out where I can see it will be irritating enough to force me to work through it! Plus I’ve told you all about it now, so that should be extra motivation. I’ll let you know how that goes….



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