Mid-Year Coldsheeping Update

“Coldsheeping”: to give up buying yarn for a period of time, as in “to go cold sheep”. Derived from “going cold turkey”, a phrase commonly used by people giving up smoking or other unhealthy habits.

My last post about coldsheeping was back in December, so I think it’s about time to do a mid-year update. I’ve been coldsheeping since 2013, so I have nearly 2.5 years under my belt now. My version of coldsheeping involves mindful purchasing rather than giving up buying yarn entirely, and some months have been more successful than others, but my overall trend has been towards a smaller, more curated yarn stash.

My progress so far:

  • 2013 – from 17,736 yards in January to 17,344 yards in December – a decrease of nearly 400 yards
  • 2014 – down to 16,336 yards in December – a decrease of about 1000 yards

My goal for 2015 is a decrease of 1600 yards.

And my current stash? About 16,110 yards, only 200 less than I had in January. To be fair I received a fair amount of gift yarn at Christmas that didn’t arrive until January, so I had a large yardage spike at the beginning of the year that I just recently knit up.

Here is a nice graph of my efforts this year:

image (1)The dates are a little off since I don’t record the total yardage until the end of the month.

I’m still a ways off from my goal stash, and my knitting rate has tailed off quite a bit recently. I’ve never been a very fast knitter and it’s not entirely surprising that I’m doing less knitting in the summer, especially when this summer is so unusually busy. Still, I’ve already knit nearly 3500 yards this year, so knitting another 1500 shouldn’t be that difficult. The trick will be not buying more yarn in the meantime! Fall is usually my weak point because of all the fibre festivals. I’ll just have to knit up as much as I can before then.

Speaking of knitting up (and finishing) things, I finally finished my fourth Mother Bear, and now she and her brother (Mother Bear #3) are on their way to the Mother Bear Project in Minneapolis. There they will have their hearts sewn on and they’ll be packaged up with other bears headed to children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa

2015-07-01 19.13.57I hope they bring a little love to a couple children who could really use it.




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One Response to Mid-Year Coldsheeping Update

  1. Love the graphical view of your yarn stash and progress

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