Summer Begins

At some point this weekend it was the Summer Solstice. Usually I’m more aware of these things, but this year it kind of caught me by surprise. Possibly because we had our heat wave in May, followed by a couple of weeks of rather wet and rainy weather, so I wasn’t really thinking “summer”. I only realized it when I noticed a few bloggers posting about it on the weekend.

I was visiting my parents in southern Ontario for Father’s Day weekend, and it was just about the perfect start of summer you could imagine. I visited family and friends, and spent as much time as I could outside, sitting in the sun or shade as the temperature dictated. There was lots of lazing and reading, at least on my part. My Dad and my sister, Engineers that they are, spent most of Saturday pouring concrete foundations for a new deck. There is something about relaxing while someone else does hard work that makes the relaxation even better.

The lovely weather continues here in Ottawa today. This is the view from my balcony this afternoon:

2015-06-22 17.11.16 2015-06-22 17.11.06


Don’t you just love all that green? The sky is pretty spectacular, too.

I’m at war with myself constantly these days, between the part of me that knows how much work I need to get done and the part that desperately just wants to take off and enjoy the summer to its fullest. As long as I spend my weekends outside and sneak off for 5 minute sun breaks when I can during the week, I think I’ll be able to stay focused. That’s the plan, anyway.

Here’s hoping the rest of the our weekends this summer will turn out a serendipitous-ly lovely as this first one was for me!

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One Response to Summer Begins

  1. Happy summer! The longest days of the year!

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