Piles of Stuff

I have discovered in the last couple of years that I have two, conflicting sides to my personality that are at war with each other. On the one hand, I find piles of stuff visually distracting, and having constant reminders of all the things I need to do stresses me out. On the other hand, without those visual reminders, I forget about all the things that I already have that I want to do, and then I start new projects instead!

My solution so far has been to tidy all the stuff away, and then keep copious lists to make sure I don’t forget anything. Usually that works, but lately I’ve been ignoring the craft projects that need finishing. I also went a little overboard at the library and now have way too many books to read!

The other day, in frustration, I piled all my in-progress craft projects (not counting the quilting or mending, since most of those haven’t been touched in months) on my floor and photographed it:
2015-06-10 20.11.50

It doesn’t look like much, but they have all been sitting next to my couch for weeks, stressing me out even as I ignore them! That pile includes:

  • a Mother Bear that just needs her head closed, ears, a face and a nametag (this one is especially irritating since if I finish it I can finally send off the box with the other bear in it that I knit months ago and has been taking up space on a shelf)
  • my gradient Age of Brass and Steam shawl that was waiting for me to decide on how to finish the edging
  • my Kidsilk Haze cowl that needs grafting shut
  • my Ribbed Lace Bolero that needs the ends woven in and the sides seamed
  • the cross-stitch mitten ornament that needs to be sewn shut so I can move on to the next ornament in the kit
  • the neverending baby blanket

All except the baby blanket need some kind of seaming, sewing or grafting, which might be the clue to why they have sat neglected for so long! I decided to rip out the border on the baby blanket and re-knit it in the yarn that is sitting on top of it. I’ve been knitting the border on two circulars and there are still too many stitches so I’m going to free up some other needles before tackling that. Hopefully that will make the knitting a little easier on my hands.

I also took a photo of my kitchen table, which holds the pillow applique project I haven’t touched since returning from the workshop two weeks ago:2015-06-10 20.10.58

I don’t want to tidy it away because I want to keep working on it! Maybe I’ll be inspired to return to it this weekend…

I also found all my library books (from the public library, the university library and the quilting guild library!) and photographed them as well:

There is one book missing that was in my backpack at the time. Those bottom three books are actually just heavy books I lift when I do strength workouts, they aren’t library books. They are books on my “to-read” list, though!

My other, to-read pile is in my bedside table:
2015-06-10 20.12.51


Seeing them all together makes me realize that that is a lot of books! The pile of personal to-read books has actually shrunk quite a bit over the last year, I just got carried away with the library books. I suspended all my other holds to stop the influx for now, at least.

Since taking these photos I managed to graft the head shut on the Mother Bear, decide on the edging for Age of Brass and Steam and knit it almost entirely (I’m halfway through the bind off). Finishing up the shawl will free one needle for the blanket, and finishing the little garter cardigan that is my current campus knitting should free up another. After that I can tackle the blanket. I’ve also read a lot more of the Nuns book and the library book that was in my backpack (a travel guide to Atlantic Canada). Pulling everything out and documenting it was really motivating!

My overall goal is to get through that entire craft pile (except the pillow and the rest of the ornaments in the kit) by the end of the month. I won’t be able to knit the entire border on the baby blanket in that time but I can at least get it started in the new colour. As for the books, at this point I’d just like to get the library books done before they are due back! I’ll reassess those at the end of the month too, and I’ll try to post after” photos for both the crafts and the books as well. Hopefully that accountability will keep me from giving up!

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