Adventures in Applique


The highlight in my otherwise mostly blah weekend was the class I took on Saturday with Deborah Kemball, through my local quilting Guild. Deborah came all the way from Montreal to teach us her self-taught hand applique techniques. The end goal of the class was to produce a pillow like the red one on the left:

2015-05-30 14.40.34

She had other pillow patterns to show us as well:

2015-05-30 14.40.55

The class was really fun. Deborah is an excellent teacher and we were all blown away by the sheer speed of her applique. Watching her work encouraged me to take a slightly more relaxed approach to my hand work and to stop worrying so much about making it look exactly like the pattern!

The room we had to work in was fantastic, lots of natural light that kept the room bright in spite of the rain pouring down outside. We all had large tables to spread over and the coffee pot and tea kettle were hot all day long. I drank a lot of coffee…I had to be at the workshop at 9am to help set up and that is quite early for me these days.

2015-05-30 14.40.592015-05-30 14.41.07

I didn’t get a lot done in class since the morning was all demonstrations, but I got to practice each type of applique that Deborah was teaching. I think the only thing I managed to do after taking this photo was add a line of embroidery and make 3 more gathered flower petals that still need to be sewn on. The best part of the workshop, though, were the little tips and tricks that Deborah mentioned to us throughout the day. I now know to cut applique shapes on the bias to make it easier to sew them down (it really makes a difference!) and to only trace as much of the pattern as you need to see where the pieces go (this also makes appliqueing easier since you aren’t trying to match your shape perfectly to a pencil line).

I’m very excited to work on the pillow some more as I love hand applique and this class has taken a lot of the stress out of it! Of course, once I got home I immediately got distracted by a new knitting project, which I’ll show off on Wednesday. Still, after reading Refuse to Choose last week I’m trying to embrace my tendency to jump from project to project. Eventually I come back around again and the projects get finished, so I just need to stop stressing about it!

Anyway, thanks to Deborah for the wonderful class, OVQG for putting on the workshop and to all my fellow classmates for making the day so fun!

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