Blanket Progress

I spent nearly 5 hours running errands yesterday (it was quite a day) and one of the things I picked up was another 4.5mm circular needle so I can finally start knitting the border on my baby blanket:

2015-05-28 23.10.57I used up all the white and black Patons yarn in the centre “square” (its more of a rectangle) and now I’m knitting the border in a bright yellow. I don’t know whether the final product is going to look any good but at least it will be soft and safe for babies to play on.

We also have pigeons coming regularly to the balcony now. Knightley spends a lot of his time looking like this until they fly away again:

2015-05-27 19.46.41It’s very cute, in a tiny dangerous hunter sort of way. He just stares, completely frozen, until the pigeons fly off. So far he hasn’t leaped at the windows or anything like that, for which I am grateful. Climbing the screens was bad enough, body checking them would be a whole other level.

Not much else to report today, my thesis writing is going well but it is taking up nearly all of my brainpower. This is a “break” weekend (no visitors or visiting, although I am taking a hand applique class tomorrow), and I am looking forward to the rest.

Happy Weekend!

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2 Responses to Blanket Progress

  1. Great blanket. I hate errand days. They suck my will to live.

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