Simple Pleasures

Today started off kind of blah. Nothing in particular went wrong, I just felt the weariness you often feel at the end of a long, busy week. Over the course of the day, though, little simple pleasures started to build up, and things are looking pretty rosy now.

First, I finally managed to find time to make my first meal on the slow cooker I got for Christmas, and it turned out alright. No photos, it was sadly unphotogenic plus I ate most of it fairly quickly.

I had a three user study participants reschedule on me. This should have been an inconvenience but instead it turned my very long day full of social interaction into a nice, quiet afternoon. All that quiet meant I finally had to face my fears and pound out 3 whole pages on my thesis. Its only 3 out of 100 but I’m so glad I broke the writer’s block (again).

When I got home, I had plenty of mail waiting for me, which is always lovely. One of the packages was my extra floss from Posie, so I can finally get back to my cross-stitch!

2015-05-22 21.12.53


I’ve gotten several chores done that had been piling up all week, and I’m looking forward to a fantastic weekend. The boyfriend and I are running 5K in the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, and it is very exciting.


We are both not quite in top form, so it will be a tough race, but big races are always so full of energy I hope that will make up for it. Plus the weather promises to be nice, and not too hot. Afterwards some friends are coming over for taco night and we are having the kind of casual, friendly hangout I love so much.

Such little, simple pleasures most of these are, but I’m glad I managed to pick up on them. Blogging here helps me notice these things and appreciate them, so I’m glad of that too!

Now, off to get groceries for our taco night. Another thing to be grateful for: grocery stores that stay open late!

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