Spring, and May Goals

2015-05-15 19.00.23 2015-05-15 19.00.05 2015-05-15 19.00.10 2015-05-15 19.00.20We’ve had wild weather swings around these parts lately, from 35C last weekend to 11C the other day. I suppose it averages out to typical spring weather. Between the heat and the rain everything in sight is leafed out and flowering and beautiful. I encountered the trees above on my bike ride home today, on a different route than usual. The leaves are my favourite green right now, a perfect new spring green that only lasts a few weeks at most.

As usual I’m pressed for time so I’m going to do an abbreviate goal post this month.

My themes for April were decluttering and exercising, and I set actual concrete goals in April to try to move myself forward. I wanted to complete any two decluttering tasks in April, and I did, although of course there are more decluttering tasks on my list now. That said, I’m not feeling as much pressure over the decluttering after what I got done in April, so that is a positive improvement. I still need to tackle my clothes, but more in a refresh-the-wardrobe way than in a purely decluttering way. I need to make room for new things that I enjoy wearing, and get rid of anything I don’t like even a little bit.

As for exercise, I had set a goal of at least two weeks of three runs/week, which I never quite managed. The 5K I signed up for is next weekend and it is going to be iffy. If I can just get in a couple runs between now and then I should be ok, but worst case scenario I can always walk part of it. It isn’t the end of the world.

May so far has been kicking my butt. I feel like two weeks have gone by and I haven’t been able to take a breath once. So, my theme for this month is calm. I’m going to do my best to stay focused, breathe through the stress and remember that in a few weeks everything will have quietened down some. I’m going to try not to worry about what I’m not getting to or what I’m missing, because I’m at the point where the stress is overwhelming my brain and keeping me from actually getting stuff done. I’m going to celebrate everything I manage to do because it is one less thing one the list. As a corollary, I’m going to try to get to bed at a decent hour; my habits have reverted and I’m slipping later and later. This doesn’t help my stress levels or my productivity! With any luck by mid-June the worst should be over and I can relax a little. Let’s hope.


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