The Quilt Show

My user studies for my thesis started today, so I am busybusybusy. Mostly the studies just take time, since each one is about 2 hours and I need to do 30 of them. Plus there is all the work afterward fixing the prototypes and checking the data. This after a whole weekend (plus most of Thursday) spent at the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild biennial Quilt Show. The Show was FUN but also a lot of work, and there were lots of people working harder than I was! Since I don’t have time to write it all up you’ll have to be content with a photoblog of the highlights.

2015-05-09 14.15.55

2015-05-09 14.18.27 2015-05-09 14.53.50 2015-05-09 14.54.54 2015-05-09 16.31.15 2015-05-09 16.35.10 2015-05-09 16.50.49 2015-05-09 16.51.09 2015-05-09 16.57.52 2015-05-09 16.58.26 2015-05-10 14.29.55 2015-05-09 14.15.18
2015-05-09 16.54.02

This last quilt was a challenge for the people attending the Show; each block represents a city in a different province or territory and the viewers had to guess the cities. It was a tough challenge but people seemed to love it! It is also a beautiful quilt and all the quilters who participated did a fantastic job.

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