Easing Back In

As predicted, my thesis writing is picking up and taking with it ever more of my time. My plan is to write at least page a day for the forseeable future, in order to keep momentum and avoid writer’s block. Of course, I’ll have to write more than that to get close to the nearly 100 pages I think I’ll need by the end of July, but its a start.

I though getting started on the writing would be really tough; I’ve discovered in the last couple of years that I procrastinate more on writing tasks than on any other kind. Instead, I barely hesitated this morning (my first writing day), and I think this blog is a big part of that change. Writing on such a regular basis has helped me learn how to fill a blank page, even when I don’t want to, and I don’t want to give that up. So, I’m coming back to the blog! I’m going to resume my regular Mon-Wed-Fri posting schedule, and I’m going to let myself do some more “photo-essay” type blogs if I really get burnt out on writing.

I have a “monthly goals” post planned for Friday, but in the meantime here are some photos of my newest obsession: cross-stitch.

2015-04-28 11.35.09 2015-04-28 11.35.28 2015-05-04 17.52.51


Remember the Christmas ornament kit from this post? I cracked it open last week, basted the waste canvas onto the felt and fell down the rabbit hole. It is so addictive to see the image appear stitch by stitch, very similar to the way I feel when doing Fair Isle. I spent most of my free evenings last week working on this and I love it to bits. Unfortunately either I lost some of the thread (entirely possible) or the kit came a little short because I don’t seem to have enough of the bright red to finish. I’m going to do the rest of the dark red and then decide whether to email the woman who sells the kits or just hunt up some matching thread on my own.

And now I’m late to get to my Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild meeting. Ooops. If you are in the area, we are having a huge Quilt Show this coming weekend, so check us out!

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