Another Train Ride

I am writing yet another blog post from the train, this time heading back to Ottawa after spending Easter weekend with my family in Burlington. The train is by far my favourite way to travel; this preference is possibly a relic of my days in Switzerland, where train travel is extremely common. I love the smoothness of the ride (most of the time), the elbow room and the brief “behind-the-scenes” peeks you get into the backyards of the homes you pass by. Of course, the best car to be in is the last car, if only for the view out the back window.

2015-04-06 17.09.10

Then there is the Wifi: free and almost reliable, although it can be infuriatingly slow in spots. I like the dedicated time to do what I choose to do, whether that is reading a book (on paper or on my phone), listen to podcasts, or even just get some work done. I can even get up for a wander if I want, although this is more frowned upon on ViaRail than it was in Europe.

2015-04-06 17.09.19


This ride has been a lot smoother so far than my trip out of Ottawa; that train was over an hour late arriving in Toronto and had power and Wifi issues throughout. I still got a shocking amount done, though, more than I ever get done in the same timespan at home. Plus, train rides are far less exhausting than solo drives of the same length, and I get a little eco ego-boost that I’m choosing “the green option”.

The trip so far has been taking up with Ox Travels, the CraftLit podcast, and knitting my Age of Brass and Steam shawl out of the Foot Notes Paintbox gradient kit I bought at Rhinebeck. That’s right, I finally cast on some of the Rhinebeck haul! It was long past time. The colour scheme is the perfect antidote to the gray, no-green-yet spring of the last few weeks.

2015-04-06 17.11.10


I’ve still got a couple of hours to go, so I’m going to try to get at least a little work done, now that I’ve made all these claims about train rides being so productive. There is a jam-packed (and short) week waiting for me in Ottawa, so I’d better be prepared!

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