Tiny Booties, and New Projects

Weekends away don’t usually leave me much time for crafting, but this weekend was a very cozy one, mostly spent on the couch staying warm. It was just too outside cold to be truly spring! Staying inside meant I got the chance to knit up the second of the Baby Uggs I cast on last week.

2015-03-30 11.22.13


I grafted the bottom of the first bootie last night after I got home, so now all I have to do is graft the bottom of the other one and sew up the back seams on both of them. They are devastatingly cute, and they used up every last scrap of this yarn that I had. I thought I was going to run short near the end there, but the second bootie was done with just enough yarn left to sew up both of them. It turned out to be the perfect scrap project!

I’ll have to stay focused to finish them up in good time, through, because something exciting came in the mail last week:

2015-03-30 11.21.40The Snow Day¬†ornament kit that I ordered from Posie by Alicia Paulson. She has the cutest little embroidered and sewn ornament and doll kits that I fall in love with every year around Christmas. Every year I want to order one but I don’t want to put that pressure on myself at an already busy time. A couple of weeks ago when I finally finished a big part of my thesis work I decided to reward myself with this kit; hopefully by getting it in March I will be able to take my time with it and still have finished ornaments in time for next Christmas! Plus the mitten is just darling.

As if I needed another project on my infinite list, right? Oh well. This one is totally worth it, even if it takes me months to get around to working on it!


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