On the Road Again

I’m writing this on the train, as I make regular monthly trip to Montreal to visit my boyfriend. We met in Ottawa but he moved to Montreal for a job last fall, so we’ve been going back and forth for visits as much as possible. I actually really like the train (when the Wifi is working, that is!) as I seem to be more focused here then anywhere else. Something about the confined, pre-determined work period keeps me from getting distracted as often as I do on a regular work day. Plus I often leave work early to catch the train, and guilt is a powerful motivator.

One thing I am not happy about is the view outside the window; I don’t have an aisle seat so I can’t get a good photo, but it is a wintery world out there and I don’t like it. Shouldn’t we be on to the rain instead of the snow by now? I’m craving a good rainstorm (have I mentioned that already?) and this perpetual white stuff falling from the sky has lost its charm. I keep checking the 14-day forecast, hoping for a good thunderstorm, but so far no luck. I live in hope.

Taking off for the weekend meant leaving my baby blanket behind. I’m nearly halfway now so it is probably time for a break anyway. I should probably be knitting something a little more colourful at this time of year, all my projects are black and white or grey or brown. Maybe it’s time to cast on that gradient set I bought at Rhinebeck…..

Of course, I could always sew some more on the Stained Glass quilt, but for some reason this week I stuck with knitting and left my sewing machine idle. I’ve started running again in preparation for a 5K in May so I’ve been more tired than usual, which probably explains my lack of interest in anything but the most basic projects. On the bright side, I seem to be sleeping deeper and needing less sleep since I woke up before my alarm this morning! Regular exercise may be the key to my whole problem with getting to sleep on time and waking up early. My Dad may have been right all along, although it would be a serious blow to my ego to admit it!

This has been an exceedingly rambly post but I’m feeling rambly at the moment so that’s ok. I think its the time of year. The extra sunlight in the evening is fantastic but I don’t think I’m going to really perk up until green things start growing again. April cannot come soon enough!

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