Just In Time

I finished the Snowstorm Cowl to deliver it on Sunday to my Dad. It was his birthday last month and I sadly neglected to find him a birthday gift at the time, so this hat & cowl set were my way of making up for that. I was weaving in the ends on both pieces on Saturday night, so it was a close call, but I pulled it off! Unfortunately in the rush I forgot to take proper, daylight photos of the finished knits. I did take this washed-out nighttime photo of my finished, grafted seam:

2015-03-14 23.06.12


You might be able to see it, just left of the middle of the piece, there is a slight shift in the cables where the half-stitch offset meets. You would never notice it when it is being worn, though, which is all that matters!

Here is a much better photo I took mid-graft, that shows the cables and the true colour:

2015-03-13 11.02.21


And as a reminder, here is the hat again:

2015-03-05 09.56.35Again, I didn’t take another photo of it off the blocking balloon, but it looks about the same.

Despite my sad lack of photos to post here, I’m still thrilled to have finished the projects on time. These are my first knitted gifts to my Dad and he loved them, which is fantastic! Plus, they were a fun way to get back into cables. I may actually tackle the cabled vest that has been in my queue for months, now that I’ve gotten hooked on cables again. Or I may knit something else entirely. I’m definitely ready to knit something that is not blue, and not on a deadline!


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One Response to Just In Time

  1. Those cables are pretty! I hope your Dad loves to wear these gorgeous things.

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