Grafting with Cables

This Snowstorm Cowl is moving along just quickly enough that I have a hope of finishing by the deadline. Not fast enough that I might finish early, you understand. That would be unreasonable.

I finished the knitting on the cowl on Wednesday and immediately blocked it out flat. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of it all stretched out, but it grew considerably in width and a little in length in the blocking. It might be a little too big now but the recipient is taller than I am and has a bigger head so I’m hoping it will work out.

I was out Thursday evening and when I got home I started (at 11pm) to try to graft the two ends of the cowl together. I had forgotten the problem with this method: one of the edges is half a stitch off from the other, so the purls and knits don’t exactly line up. I searched around the internet for methods to even this out, and considered giving up on grafting and just doing a three needle bind off, but in the end I decided I didn’t mind the slight offset and stuck with the grafting.

2015-03-13 11.02.08


I had to unpick a row on each edge so that the cable pattern wasn’t interrupted too much, which is my my grafting yarn is so squiggly in this photo.

After I’d finally made the decision to stick with grafting it was very late, so I went to bed after doing only an inch or so. This evening I grafted the rest. Grafting with knits and purls is slow going. Normally you get a rhythm going with stockinette because it is the same motion over and over, but with this pattern I had to keep changing and double checking to make sure the purls and knits were lining up together. I unpicked more than once. There is at least one knit graft hiding in among some purl stitches but I just couldn’t unpick it again!

The grafted row still looks a little wonky so I its having a nice bath at the moment; I’m going to re-block it tonight and weave in the ends tomorrow. I’m seeing the recipient on Sunday so if all goes well I’ll just have time to photograph it and wrap it by then. If all goes well, I’ll be posting the finished product photos on Monday!

This has been a fun project but I am SO ready to get back to some easygoing, no-deadline knitting. I may knit on three different projects tonight, just because I can! Such freedom.

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