Blocking Weekend

Sorry for the blog-silence folks, I had one of those mysterious weeks with some kind of hole in the space-time continuum. I swear I only had 6 days in my week while everyone else had 7. Or maybe I slept through a day, who knows. Regardless, I am (mostly) caught up and (mostly) where I should be on my many, many projects. At least that’s the hope.

Part of the reason I disappeared last week was because I participated in the 3 Minute Thesis competition at Carleton University on Tuesday! I made it to the final 10 but then didn’t place, which I was fine with because the other competitors were Amazing. I was just happy to be among them! The university is supposed to post a video of each of the speeches on YouTube so maybe I’ll post a link to the video once it is online.

Motivated by that semi-success, I spent the weekend decluttering! I got through a lot of papers and old patterns, and sorted my “donations” bag into multiple bags of different types (clothes, books, craft stuff, pet stuff). Now I can add items to each bag as I decide to get rid of them and once each bag is full I know exactly where to take it. It’s very efficient.

My other big achievement this weekend was blocking: I finally blocked Citron! Despite my best efforts Knightley immediately sat on it but I was able to remove him with no damage to the shawl. The yarn is hand dyed, as you can tell from the amount of ‘green’ that came off in the blocking water:

2015-03-04 17.48.14


The shawl itself is lovely, the perfect size to wrap around my neck a few times and be sure it won’t fall off. It was also very easy to block, since it has one long straight edge and the ruffle hides any inconsistencies in the curved edge.

2015-03-04 17.47.18


I haven’t taken any photos of it on yet, and it isn’t quite warm enough for everyday wear in March in Ottawa, but I love just staring at the bright green (so like a lime wedge!). Someday soon there will be green like that outside my window and that makes me so happy. I love winter but this has been a cold one and I am SO ready for spring.

Oh, and to cap off my blocking weekend I also blocked the Snowstorm Hat.2015-03-05 09.56.35


The cables look great, don’t they? It got a little bigger with blocking so I just hope its not too big now. I’m still working on the Snowstorm Scarf/Cowl and it looks like I just might meet my deadline. Only four days left!

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  1. Congrats on top 10 in 3T – that is an achievement!

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