One Down

I finished the Snowstorm Hat on the weekend thanks to a night of catching up on The Flash (the TV show) with a friend that was visiting. It was great fun, and perfect knitting time since I had already seen most of the episodes.

2015-03-02 09.27.28

That wee little ball there is all that was left. My plan is to cast on for the matching cowl tomorrow, I just need some time to sketch out my modifications to be sure they are going to work. And I need to block the hat to make sure nothing surprising happens when it hits the water. Of course, now that I’ve knit the cable pattern once the novelty has rather worn off, but I’m going to push through. The hat took me four days to knit and the set is “due” in just under two weeks, so it is doable if I get going soon.

Back to work now, as I have a speech competition tomorrow and I am sadly under-prepared at the moment. Wish me luck!

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