Skating and Ice

I’ve been fairly monogamous on the Snowstorm Hat, and it is proceeding slowly. I really love doing cables again, but they are not speedy knitting. Of course, it is worsted weight yarn and not the lace weight I’ve been working with lately, so it is relatively fast, just not as fast as I would like it to be!

The winter here in Ottawa is still in full force, with no signs of spring beyond the occasional cheepy of deluded birds. Luckily the forecast has the temperature rising steadily for the next couple of weeks. The only good side of this constant cold is that the outdoor ice rinks are always open! I’ve been on the Canal a number of times this month, with plans to go out again this afternoon if I get the chance. When I was in Montreal last weekend, I also went skating on the Old Port outdoor rink:

2015-02-22 13.00.20 2015-02-22 13.34.06 2015-02-22 12.56.22

We encountered this handsome fella on the way to the ice. The skating was fun, although I am clearly spoiled by the Canal because I thought the rink was too small! Still, it was a good time out in the sunshine and it wasn’t too cold as long as we kept moving.

Back in Ottawa, I visited the Hogs Back falls near my apartment building, which are partially frozen over. These falls are one of the reasons the Canal exists, as it bypasses the falls and ensuing rapids and allowed boats to pass unhindered from the Rideau River into the city.

2015-02-26 10.40.442015-02-26 10.43.502015-02-26 10.43.46I love frozen waterfalls, they are both beautiful and treacherous. All that power hidden just below the surface.

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