Small Things

I’m in a lull between major knitting projects at the moment. I still haven’t blocked Citron (though I did weave in those two ends) and I haven’t really cast on anything new. All the projects in my mental queue are rather large or require swatching (a couple vests, a shawl and a blanket). Instead, I’ve just been knitting little things that use up scrap sof yarn I’ve had around for awhile.

This week I finally finished knitting and stuffing and sewing on my little Thwickeds monster I started before Christmas.

2015-02-20 13.14.132015-02-20 13.14.26










The pattern is by Anna Hrachovec over on Mochimochi Land. She released it around Halloween and I knew it was the perfect way to use up some random fun fur yarn I had lying around. Normally I’m not big on knitted random stuffed creatures (although I have made some Christmas monsters and a tiny snowman) but for some I just had to make this little guy. For now he just is sitting on my desk like a sort of mascot. The pattern was very easy to follow and actually fairly quick to knit up given all the tiny parts.

Continuing on this theme of knitting small things, I’ve been knitting a few hexipuffs as sort of a palate cleanser between major projects. My beekeeper’s quilt project is in its third year now and I rarely have the urge to knit for it so I’m riding this wave until it peters out. 2015-02-20 13.28.10

I’ve knit three puffs and I’m halfway through a fourth; I’ve got a whole vase full of fingering, sport and a few worsted scraps so I could be knitting hexipuffs for weeks without running out. The only downside is knitting puffs doesn’t help my coldsheeping numbers since I’ve already marked that yarn as “used up”.

I seem to go through phases in my knitting; I get excited and cast on three or four things all at once, then I slog through for awhile, and then I go through a finishing phase. I’m definitely in a finishing mood right now. We’ll see how long that lasts!

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