Progress, of a Fashion

Citron is still stuffed into my knitting basket waiting to have its two ends woven in. Apparently two ends is two too many for me. However, I have made significant progress on the Quilts of Valour quilt top.

2015-02-10 09.22.37

I finished the second set of blocks (finally!) early in the week and then one morning I laid them all out on the floor to decide on a final layout. I was trying to avoid matching fabrics touching but that may not be possible in the end.

2015-02-10 09.50.22


Since I took this photo I’ve pieced two of the rows and sewed them together. Unfortunately my points don’t line up nearly as well in the final product as they do in this photo. I possibly should have chosen an easier pattern, but I’m rolling with it. It will be a charmingly eccentric final product.

I’m putting the quilt top away for now as my parents are visiting this weekend. I may switch to some smaller mending and sewing projects next week just to change it up a little. This top was becoming less enjoyable and more chore-like so I think it is time for a little “time-out” until I feel excited about it again.

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One Response to Progress, of a Fashion

  1. di5lexi says:

    Haha I was piecing blocks of many pieces last night and thought that if I was working on that project full time I would lose my mind !! But it’s a nice break in between other projects

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