February Theme: Mindfulness

My monthly goal for January was to get more sleep, and for awhile I did. Getting more sleep wasn’t that difficult to accomplish since I’m a grad student and set my own schedule; mostly I just slept in a lot! That wasn’t really my goal, however, and at the beginning of January I decided that I would try to get to sleep before midnight, every night. I had mixed success with this, usually getting to bed later and later as the week went on. Something interesting I noticed is that on those nights where I stayed up really late (2 or 3am occasionally) I wasn’t really doing anything important. I would just watched TV for hours until finally getting to bed, even though I had made a rule to go to bed by midnight. It turns out that a hard-and-fast rule doesn’t really work for me.

2015-02-06 11.14.28 I’m still working on the sleep schedule, but I want to do something different for February, something with the theme of mindfulness. I really want to get to the bottom of why I can’t convince myself to turn off the TV and go to bed at a reasonable time, especially when I’m already really tired. This month, I’m just going to pay attention to what I’m thinking and feeling when this happens, and when I indulge in other bad habits. I’ve been journalling daily for several months now, although I’ve fallen behind again, so I’m hoping that will help.

2015-02-06 11.15.40

By the end of this month I hope to have some insights into why I have such trouble with getting to bed at a decent hour. If I can crack this now, when my schedule is entirely self-determined, I think it will make transitioning to a future-job’s schedule so much easier. At least, that’s the hope!

These photos are from my walk to campus, along the canal. They don’t have anything to do with mindfulness or sleep, but I just had to share the beautiful fresh snowfall we’ve had lately. It is so cold the snow creaks when you walk on it, but sunny snowy days like today are still my favourite part of winter.

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