Quilting Binge

I had plans for this weekend. I thought about skating the whole canal to downtown, getting a cream tea at the Scone Witch, maybe doing a little hometown sightseeing….even getting caught up on some work that I neglected during the week. Instead, I spent my entire weekend Quilting. And it was fantastic!

It turns out that quilt patterns with regular, repetitive blocks play some kind of trick on my brain. I see only two types of blocks and think “that can’t take long”. Never mind that I have to sew 24 of each block, and each of those blocks is made up of 16 smaller pieces sewn together…for some reason I think it can be done in a weekend, easy.

2015-01-23 10.58.29

I got through about half of the 16-patch blocks before the weekend (I posted this photo on Friday), and I’d sewn all the 4-patch strips that make up the 16-patch as well. The neat little pile on the bottom right of the photo above is my system of keeping the rows together in groups of four. I sewed the remainder of the blocks together in the morning, and pressed them in the afternoon. This is in between doing other things I wanted to get done that day, of course.

The second set of blocks is actually made up of 4 sub-blocks, with a triangle at each corner. Saturday night and Sunday morning I sewed the first corner triangle on all 96 sub-blocks:

2015-01-25 10.45.14That is 96 times I drew a line across the back of a square, pinned it to the white block, sewed along the line, trimmed the excess and pressed towards the dark side. For some reason I was obsessed, and I had to force myself to using the quilting as a reward for cleaning, exercising and running errands. I think if I’d been able to just quilt all day long I would have been perfectly happy, if a little cramped.

By the end of yesterday I had all the second corners sewn on as well, although it was rather late when I finished pressing. I don’t have a photo of that part, but here is what it looked like partway through:2015-01-25 20.19.50

On the right is the block with one corner only, the middle has the second corner sewn on, and the left has the second corner trimmed but not pressed. Of course these are all really sub-blocks and still need to be sewn, in sets of four, into the full, final block.

Then comes assembling the rows, and sewing them together, and adding the borders. At the rate I’m going I think it might be possible to have it done by the Guild meeting on Monday night. A quilt top done, start to finish, in exactly two weeks? I might be on to something with this whole “focus on one project at a time” thing after all….


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