Rotating Crafts

Another late post today. In previous weeks my late posts have been due to very busy days, or overwhelming deadlines; this week I just couldn’t get my act together. It has been an odd week, full of moments of effectiveness and focus followed by wide swaths of serious procrastination. I’m glad the week is over.

Despite all of that (or perhaps because of it?) I did manage to do a little crafting. I decided this year to try my best to stick to a single project through to completion, rather than bouncing around between multiple projects. I’m hoping it will allow me to ignore the “back burner” projects without feeling guilty, and give me a little boost every time I finish something. I’m also trying to alternate types of projects (mending, sewing and a general “other” that includes spinning and embroidery) so I don’t get bored. Of course, I’m still knitting constantly. That never stops.

The first project I picked up (and finished!) last week was mending: Knightley had torn a few small rips in my duvet cover that I wanted to patch. I plan on getting a new, larger bed in the fall (once I have a regular income again) so I just need the duvet cover to last a few more months. Since the fabric has an all-over pattern of random circles, I found some matching fabric in my stash, cut out a few circles of appropriate sizes, and sewed them down with a simple blanket stitch. The result is subtle but still rather pretty, and I like the effect.

2015-01-17 14.41.14I probably should have included my hand or something for scale…

That took me about a week, as I had a hard time focusing on it in the evenings. The lighting in my apartment is not good enough for night-time embroidery. Still, I enjoyed the blanket stitch and that inspired me to pick up a small embroidery project I wanted to try: adding my name in backstitch to the Ottawa Knitting Guild 20th Anniversary bag that I received as a member in the fall. Everyone in the Guild got one, and I wanted to be able to find mine “in the crowd”, so I went bold and embroidered my name in big letters on the outer pocket flap.

2015-01-18 10.46.13



The first thing I learned is that back stitch looks better in larger stitches than smaller ones, at least in this thread. I got much better by the last letters in my name!

This week, in keeping with my rotation, I started up a sewing project: a Quilts of Valour quilt top that I picked up at the Bee in November. This project is going to take a little longer, so I might be posting about it for awhile, but I’ve already gotten quite a ways into it.

2015-01-23 10.58.29


The sewing station has taken over my kitchen table again. The pattern has two different types of 8″ blocks that alternate in the final setting, and I’ve got about half of the first type (a random 16-patch block) done. So I guess I’m a quarter of the way through the blocks. After that I have to put them all together into rows and then the final top, then add borders and prep the binding. I don’t quilt the top, since my machine quilting is atrocious, so I’ll return the top to the Quilts of Valour people once I’m done. I think I’ll wait until next November to pick up another top, I can’t get to my own quilting projects as it is!

Theoretically once this top is done I’ll pick up another mending project…and there are more than a few to choose from!


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