Yarn Along

Every Wednesday I participate in “Yarn Along”, a link-up run by Ginny over at Small Things where we share what we are knitting and reading this week. Head over to the Small Things blog to see what other bloggers are sharing!

2015-01-07 10.57.30

I’m slogging through both book and knitting this week, although “slogging” makes it sound like a chore and I am still having fun. Is there a positive version of slogging? I’m probably just over halfway through my Inside Out Cowl, with some Kidsilk Haze Stripe I bought at Churchmouse Yarns on my trip to Seattle last fall. The pattern includes several sizes and variations, but with the striped yarn you pretty much just knit a stockinette tube forever and then graft the ends to make a double-layered cowl. It is good reading and bus knitting, and lately that is all I’ve wanted to do. Plus the Kidsilk Haze is very light and easy to cram into whatever bag I have with me at the moment.

I’m midway through my little textbook, The Research Process. With my renewed determination to get moving on my thesis research it is all I’m reading at the moment. It is very interesting and very relevant to what I’m working on, but really only interesting to someone about to embark on academic research.

My to-read pile has grown incredibly since Christmas between gifts and a few of my old books I found at my parents’ house, and I’m determined that 2015 will be the last year for this pile. I want my shelf back! With that in mind I’m going to post the number of books in the pile here every week to help motivate me. This week there are 28 books (including The Research Process) and 3 magazines in my apartment that I aim to read at least far enough to decide whether I want to keep them. Hopefully by next week that will only be 27!

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