Home Again

Mr Knightley and I made the 6-hour drive home yesterday without much incident, although we passed a few cars on the road that looked like they had some trouble the day before. Saturday was apparently not a good day to be on the 401 between Toronto and Kingston. After spending the evening unpacking and grocery shopping we woke up this morning to a very cold, very icy world. All the rain and wet from yesterday has frozen, and it is extremely treacherous. I decided to forgo my usual walk to campus and took the bus instead!

The past few weeks haven’t felt exactly winter-y, especially in Southern Ontario where I spent most of my holiday. It was more grey and damp than cold and snowy. Apparently all that has changed in the Ottawa region, and winter has set in for good. On the plus side, that means the Rideau Canal will be opening soon! I can’t wait to get back on the ice. Some of my favourite winter photos from last year came from skating on the Canal.

I’m only half-unpacked and I have a Quilt Guild meeting tonight, so all of my crafting is in disarray. I have big plans to get some of the lingering mending and crafting projects done this month though, so look for more frequent “finished” posts in the future. (My big plan is just to pick one project and see it through to completion, rather than flitting from project to project. Not exactly groundbreaking, but a novel concept for me).

Just to keep this from being an entirely text-only post, here is a completely unrelated photo of Knightley, at my parents’ house, looking completely unimpressed with me:

2015-01-03 11.25.40
Isn’t he the best?

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