2014 Wrap Up: Finished Objects

I was unable to post yesterday because I was in the middle of reformatting my laptop, which took much longer than I expected and only partially fixed my problem. The insides of my computer are all shiny and new for the New Year, anyway.

Thanks to this blog I have been very good about documenting my knitting, spinning, quilting and sewing projects this year. Here is what I made in 2014:

Quilting and Sewing

First, the sewing/quilting. I sew in bursts, but clearly I didn’t sew nearly as much this year as I thought! I don’t photograph the mending, so these are complete start-to-finish projects, all of which I’ve posted about here. From top left, moving clockwise, they are: t-shirt bags (I’ll be making more of those soon!), a fleece cat blanket, paper-pieced placements, a block for a quilt, another fleece cat blanket, and a Quilts of Valour quilt top. All of these are completely finished, although the quilt block is part of a much larger quilt that I’ve been sadly neglecting lately. Not pictured is all the work I’ve done on my Stained Glass quilt, which is still mostly in tiny pieces…


And then we have spinning! I started the year trying out my drop spindle on some brown alpaca, although once I made the singles I put it away for awhile. Then I took a spinning wheel class in the spring and produced my first plied yarn (the white in the top right). Over the summer I rented a spinning wheel and practiced some more some blue Corriedale. For now the two tiny skeins I produced are just going to be admired…maybe one day I’ll knit them up but for now they are art!

Knitting1Finally, and most gloriously, there is the knitting. There are too many projects to list, although I think all of them have been mentioned on the blog at some point. Just see my Ravelry page for more details if you want them. I didn’t knit nearly as many projects in 2014 as I did in 2013 (I think I got distracted by all the sewing) but I love everything I did knit. And I have so many plans for 2015!

I’ll post a review of my 2014 goals, such as they were, on Friday, plus some goals for 2015. One thing I know for sure, I will still be knitting, spinning, sewing AND quilting next year. It’s just too much fun to stop now!

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