Mending Wrap Up

One of my big efforts at the end of this year was to tackle the large pile of mending that was taking over my kitchen table. I was only semi-successful, and while I did get through about half the pile I added more to it as well! So the pile is roughly the same size, although I have it contained to a canvas grocery bag.

I don’t have a current photo of my mending pile, but here is what it looked like at the start of November:

2014-11-03 09.49.50

Of that pile, I fixed the rips on the winter jacket (although it is developing new tears), the t-shirts have been converted into bags and I sewed the binding down on the quilt. The Castle pullover is also finished, although I have yet to photograph it. There is a pair of jeans somewhere in this photo (underneath the t-shirts I think) that got patched as well, and the linens are now clean and ironed and tucked away for the day I finally figure out how to turn them into a quilt.

There are still a few mending projects remaining from this photo:

  • A shirt I’m trying to turn into hankies
  • Another shirt that needs repair at the armhole seam
  • Felted slippers that need some kind of grip on the sole and possibly surgery with an x-acto knife to fix an overly-curved heel
  • A favourite purse that needs serious patching before it wears through entirely
  • My duvet cover (not pictured) also needs patching in a few places – Knightley has sharp claws…

PLUS there are the items that have developed mending needs in the last two months:

  • A pair of pyjama pants that need a new elastic
  • A long-sleeve shirt that has rips in the forearm so I’m going to shorten the sleeves
  • A sweater with a small tear in the cuff that I’m going to try to embroider over

A few of these projects turned up during my decluttering efforts earlier this month, so I’m glad to have them in the open and on the list. Otherwise they would still be tucked away in some corner, where I would never get to them.

Overall this year I haven’t done a great job keeping up with the mending but I think I’m on the right track now. Most of these should be fairly quick jobs so one more quiet weekend and I might have an empty mending bag for awhile. Until the next item rips, of course!

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