Small Achievements

These days I’m concentrating on the small wins. So many of the projects drawing my focus right now are long-term, from my thesis research (9 months left) to my latest quilts (barely started) and all that knitting I just cast on! And then there all the things we deal with every day as adults, things I’m still coming to terms with: never-ending housework, always missing that one key grocery ingredient for dinner, and a litter box that always seems to need scooping.

Today, I am revelling in the fact that my apartment is vacuumed, the litter box has been addressed (for now), and some small Christmas knitting is gloriously finished.

2014-12-10 22.19.21Aren’t they adorable? I had plans to make more, but I only had three corks. The one on the far right is from last year. I couldn’t even wait for daylight to take a photo of them, they are so cute. The pattern is Korknisse, with the addition of bells as per Elliphantom and crochet loops instead of ribbons because I didn’t have ribbons. They are great tree ornaments, or you can leave off the loops and just sit them on a shelf. These three are going to my three dearest friends, to bring them a little holiday cheer. The pink one (he is more of a cranberry in real life) is staying with me.

That nice clean table they are standing on is another small achievement of mine from this week: I went through all the stuff leftover from my craft tool re-organization and figured out what everything was (there were some mystery items). I found everything a home, even if that home was in the “donation” bag. I still have boxes of fabric and fibre to get through next week, but clearing off that table felt fantastic.


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