Quick and Easy DIY Cat Blankets

In the last week I’ve been really focused on trying to get some lingering projects done and out the door. I have this fantasy of starting the new year without all any almost-but-not-quite-done projects hanging about the apartment. If I can do that and get a bit of decluttering done at the same time, I’m convinced my stress levels will drop dramatically. This may all be a delusion, but I’m running with it anyway.

In the midst of all this focused finishing, I started a new project too! This way lies madness, I tell you, especially since this new project is now part of the “needs to be finished” pile. However it has been a fun little endeavour so I thought I would share it, thus of course adding to your UFO piles as well. Gotta spread the love!

My cat, Knightley, dearly loves the hanging chair I have in my living room

2014-10-01 14.14.38


Unfortunately, he has just realized that there are buttons in that cushion, and he has become increasingly determined to EAT a button or two. Plus its a yellow cushion and a black cat; the cat hair situation is ridiculous. The solution, of course, is to put a special cat blanket down that will protect the buttons and can be removed, with cat hair, when a human wants to use the chair. But my budget is tight and the cat blankets I found were all upwards of $20. Since I wanted two blankets (there is another chair with the same issue), I decided to use my crafty skills and just sew some blankets of my own.

I bought two pieces of fleece at Fabricland, and brought them home. I tested one out on the chair to see if Knightley liked it.

2014-11-23 14.23.11


He liked it.

Then I washed the fabric (Knightley was not a fan of this step as it required him to get off the chair), and squared it up as best I could. I’m used to quilting cotton, so this tested my resolve a little, but I perservered. I folded it in half, right sides together, pinned the crap out of it and sewed a 1/2″ seam along the border, leaving about 4″ open. I turned the thing inside out and pinned the opening shut (to be hand-sewn at a later date) and voila!

2014-11-24 09.43.37


This is likely to be the only photo I ever get of it without a cat on top. It isn’t quite square and the two layers shift around a bit, but it achieves its purpose admirably. Other than a little hand-sewing, this blanket is done.

Of course, there is still the second blanket (for the hanging chair). That currently looks like this:

2014-11-24 09.43.26


Squared up, cut to size and pinned…but not sewn together yet. So this project, like so many others, is almost-but-not-quite finished. Why do I always hesitate to get that last little bit done that will take it off my list? Is it that starting something new is so much more fun? I’d like to say I’ll go home tonight and do all the finishing, but I have a rather dire need of groceries that means that is unlikely.

Does anyone else have this problem? How do you get your projects to the finish line?

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