T-Shirt Bags

After all that boasting I did last week about my new points system and how it was keeping me on track on all these habits I wanted to build…this week has been rather disappointing. I haven’t gotten a lot of work done (and I really need to!), and I’ve missed a couple runs. I didn’t even go to campus yesterday or on Wednesday.

My procrastination was to some purpose, though, because yesterday I sewed three drawstring bags out of some t-shirts:

2014-11-21 10.47.42One of the ladies in my quilt guild works with Relay for Life, and she has been giving us old t-shirts to turn into bags for the Cancer Society’s wig salon. They can’t re-use the t-shirts since they have sponsor info on the bag, and this is a great way to keep the shirts out of the landfill. Once I’d finished the Relay for Life shirt, I was inspired to do the same to my Student Volunteer t-shirts from a conference back in September. I made my bags a little larger, so they are big enough to use as small knitting project bags, or as shoe bags when travelling. I’m not sure I’ll keep going on this as I can’t imagine I’ll need a lot more drawstring bags, but it was a good way to re-use two t-shirts I’ll never wear again.

The best part of the project was making the cords. I had no idea that if you cut strips of a t-shirt (I did strips 1.5″ wide), cut them open (so they are a strip rather than a loop) and pull on the strips lengthwise, they curl up and lengthen into these little cords. It was oddly satisfying to pull the strips into a new shape!

I’ve gotten back to something of a routine today, just in time for the weekend, of course. I made it to campus and I even went for a run. Now I just need to do some actual work in order to redeem this mess of a week.


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2 Responses to T-Shirt Bags

  1. sazcreates says:

    Those bags are a fantastic idea! And don’t worry about a slip on the points system, just jump back in! 🙂 x

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