Variegated Yarns

It is a truth universally acknowledged that variegated yarn, knit up, will look completely and utterly different that it did in the skein.

Exhibit A:

2013-07-22 13.01.56Beautiful Fleece Artist Trail Sock yarn, purchased at the DKC Frolic in Toronto in the summer of 2013 (so, middle-aged stash). Bright colours, lovely tightly spun yarn, everything a knitter could want in a sock yarn. Especially now that world has turned dark and grey with winter.

Exhibit B:

2014-11-17 11.17.04

The same yarn, in a ball. Now all the colours are jumbled together and the overall impression is one of eye-searing brightness and chaos, rather than balanced beauty. This effect is more marked in person; the camera calms it down some.

Exhibit C:

2014-11-17 11.17.31

Now the yarn is knit up in a rib pattern (the cuff of a sock). The effect is much more muted, with complementary colours somehow magically paired up in almost-stripes and an overall swirling pattern that was completely unexpected. How on earth was I supposed to look at the skein and predict this?? It is still absolutely lovely yarn, once you get over the surprising nature of it all. I’m rather pleased the knit up fabric looks so different from the wound ball, since the ball is a little too bright for my tastes.

I will never get over the magic of knitting. Between the unexpected nature of variegated yarns and the transformation that occurs when blocking lace, I am never, ever bored.

In other news, I began blogging precisely 1 year ago today! You can find my first post here. I started by posting every weekday but soon realized that was completely unrealistic and I settled on the more reasonable Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. Of course, today I’m posting on a Tuesday, but today is special. There have been times when I wonder whether I should stick with this blogging thing, but overall I’ve enjoyed having a place to show off my knits and other crafty projects. I’ve also gotten some great tips and lovely compliments in the comments, those really make my day!

Here’s to another year of blogging, and another year full of knitting and sewing fun! Thanks for coming along for the ride.

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