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Every Wednesday I participate in “Yarn Along”, a link-up run by Ginny over at Small Things where we share what we are knitting and reading this week. Head over to the Small Things blog to see what other bloggers are sharing!

Sorry for the blog-silence, guys. We got back from Rhinebeck late Sunday night and I sort of spiraled for the next couple of days. Lots of sleep and house-cleaning has gotten be back on track, though! Look for my Rhinebeck post (and hopefully some photos of completed knits, if I can manage it) on Friday.

2014-10-22 10.43.15

I’ve been really motivated to finish up languishing projects lately, possibly due to the amount of yarn I’ve purchased in the last month or so. I finished off Caeles just in time for Rhinebeck, the sunflower (Caput Helianthus) hat is finished but not yet blocked, and I’ve even dug my long-suffering Castle sweater out of storage. I haven’t made any progress on that last one, but at least it is out where I can see it. I also picked up these Sweet Tea fingerless mitts, which I cast on to use up some laceweight leftover from a small shawl. Somehow I was knitting a size much to small for even my tiny hands, so I ripped out what I had already knit and I’m now knitting up the large size instead. Hopefully this works, because I don’t think the yarn will survive another ripping.

I was reading reviews on Goodreads of the Elizabeth Aston books I’ve finished lately, and some of those recommended Frederica, by Georgette Heyer. Heyer apparently wrote along the same veins (only better, if you read the reviews) of Regency Romance. She was writing in the 20s, though, so the writing is a little more formal. So far I’m enjoying the book, although there are a lot of exclamation points! It is a fun, light read, which given that I just finished Wartime is exactly what I needed.

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One Response to Yarn Along

  1. Angela says:

    I haven’t heard of that book, but it seems right up my alley. Thanks! Off to see if the library has a copy. 🙂

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